5 Simple Statements About ice caps moonrock Explained

5 Simple Statements About ice caps moonrock Explained

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Frozen volatiles like h2o ice are far more reflective to S-band radio waves than lunar rocks. Radio waves even have various properties when mirrored off ice than off silicate rock. An Assessment with the alerts returned from orbit 234 confirmed reflection properties suggestive of drinking water ice with the permanently shadowed parts near the south pole. Reflections from regions which aren't permanently shadowed will not present these characteristics. It is feasible that other scattering mechanisms can be liable for this final result, although the interpretation in the radio returns and The very fact that they're associated only While using the forever shadowed locations look to point that h2o ice may be the most likely possibility. On the other hand, Arecibo radio telescope reports using the similar radio frequency as Clementine showed related reflection patterns from areas which aren't completely shadowed. These reflections are interpreted as getting on account of tough surfaces, and it had been recommended that the Clementine effects could happen to be on account of roughness, as an alternative to drinking water ice, likewise. Bistatic Radar Experiment Parameters

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Clementine observed significant CPR all through its omit the lunar south pole. Having said that, due to ambiguity of what CPR implies, this result was not universally accepted as evidence to the presence of h2o ice. In 2008, India’s Chandrayaan-1

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